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The shower environment and specifically the shower curtains, must be beautiful and design but above all functional. The factors to consider are many and among these the choice of materials that must be resistant, without damage, to an intensive use and the microclimate that characterizes the bathroom (humidity, vapors, rapid temperature change).
This is why our shower curtains are made of Paratempotest fabric, they are waterproof, stain-resistant, anti-mold, fire-retardant.

Shower Curtains & Shower Enclosures offers a very rich range of Tempotest fabrics with different types of weft for excellent results of the highest quality. All the fabric variants of the shower curtains combine the strength and performance of the fabric dyed in mass with style and color, offering a soft touch to the touch that has nothing to envy to the normal furnishing fabrics. Thanks to the innovative finishing, they are hydro and oleo repellents, rot-proof, immune to the formation of fungi and molds, resistant to stains, saltiness and bleaching due to the action of UV rays just like the fabrics from outside.

Teflon cotton fabrics

The rigorous design of our Teflon cotton shower curtains makes it possible to combine luxury and functionality with a wide design freedom adaptable to any domestic architecture and any type of space. The ease of movement are the strengths of the shower curtains project. The comfortable access that the shower curtain offers and the absence of architectural barriers combined with the excellence of the materials used allow practicality and safety on the one hand and aesthetics and beauty on the other. All models of shower curtains in teflon fabric can be made to measure both from the dimensional point of view (width and height) and from the purely aesthetic point of view, being able to choose between a wide range of colors.

Shower Curtains Design

Our technical department is able to design and advise to offer solutions that are aesthetically and functionally suitable for every situation.

HOTEL & RESORT – Our shower curtains are elegant and design made to measure and with fireproof characteristics, are created specifically for hotel, sport and public sector supplies.

YACHT DIVISION – Our research center works in synergy with the most important and prestigious shipyards to develop new technical solutions able to improve the comfort, safety and aesthetics of the shower area of ​​the most exclusive yachts in the world.

Customized Shower Box construction

Our shower enclosures are made only to measure. The crystals are electrically welded on site, the recessed profiles and heights created for every need (even more than 3 meters).
The assembly and the taking of measurements are carried out only by our technicians.